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Thermal Mood Color Change Blade Decorative Dagger

Thermal Mood Color Change Blade Decorative Dagger

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This imitation dagger never looks the same way twice! The mesmerizing high shine blade is filled with waves of gold that change colors from green to blue or purple due to heat, much like a mood ring! The ever changing blade is paired with a contrasting plain matte black handle. So lovely! The dagger is flat on the back side and therefore acceptable at most cosplay events. It is also great as a decoration and perfect for your makeup vanity, dresser or even to decorate an art studio or office; it could even be used as a letter opener! Please note, the blade on the knife has a blunt edge and is not sharp at all. It is for decoration only. It is one of a kind so grab it before it is gone!


Large - 7.5 inches long

Medium - 5.5 inches long
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