Care Information and FAQs

While we take special care to provide high quality items, here are a few tips to elongate the life of your resin purchase.

First and foremost, Resin is rigid. This means while it makes great sturdy keychains and trays it does not have the ability and flex to absorb the shock of  some drops. Just be aware, large or continuous drops will cause the items the shatter and break.

While cured resin art can withstand a certain amount of heat (ex. a warm coffee cup on a coaster, very high temperatures (ex. prolonged exposure to summer sun) can cause fully cured resin art to temporarily soften. The resin will quickly harden up again once it cools down, but extended exposure may cause the resin to bend or distort.




Here are commonly asked questions with answers to help you out!


Are the knives sharp?

No, the edge of each dagger is flat or rounded depending on the size. These items are meant to be beautiful and decorative and are in no way meant to be used for violence.

How do I get a custom made?

Yes, please search "custom" and click on the listing for the style of item you with to have customized.